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1. Getting to the Gilis - Avoiding hassle at Bangsal harbor

Many visitors are trying to avoid Bangsal Harbor because of its hassles from local boys and street sellers, instead they book in advanced for a private transfer service with private speedboat in Teluk Nare (Private boat jetty 3 km from bangsal -  direction towards Senggigi). Pay a little extra for a service can be more fun.


If you travel in budget and have no choice, go straight to the ticketing office located on the beach and do not listen to any offer from the boys who may say that the boat has already gone, or you must charter. Do not listen! Register yourself at ticketing office and wait till the list is full.  


2. Getting into the boat (Bangsal - Gilis)

You have to get your feet wet when you board the small boats for the gili islands especially when the low tide because the water is to shallow for the boat to land to the shore, use slippers/sandals and short.


3. Manage your luggage (Bangsal - Gilis)

Do not let the local porters carry your bags/luggage for whatever reason. This guys are usually try to be gentle or act like a boatman crew. They often charge an expensive and unreasonable amount. If you have to pay, a regular porter cost is about Rp. 2000-5000/bag.


4. Hassle from local beach vendors & common issues (Bangsal - Gilis)

Do not buy any mosquitoes coil from some kids at the harbor, as they are trying to sell things at the highest they can. There are lots of shops on the Islands selling those stuffs with better prices.


Do not try to look at the things that they offers, and do not make any promises to say "maybe later". Those guys can recognize your face and ask for the promises.


When you returned from the Islands, many kids brings water to wash your foot. At first you may feel convenient, but at the end they ask some money. Give them some school needs i.e: pens, or writing book. It's better not to let them do anything to you.


5. Land transfers

Carry small changes to pay public buses or taxi. Call your local travel agent or Lombok network Holidays: 6228139 (minimum 3 hours in advanced) if you need to be picked up. If you have to go by a private chartered car, try to negotiate the best price first rather than argue at the end of the journey.


6. Common issues on the gilis

Stonefish are found on the coral reefs where they are camouflaged and almost invisible. They are poisonous if stepped on.


Also, be aware of strong currents while swimming or snorkeling. It is best to ask the advice of a dive master before swimming alone.


Jelly Fish is almost invisible on the water. It looks like a crystal/plastic, but very dangerous. Some kind of jelly fish is making your skin itchy, and some are poisoning.


Use a high protection of Sun Cream. The weather can be very hot on the afternoon.


Do not leave any valuable belongings unattended at the beach while swimming or snorkeling. Ask for a deposit box at the hotel where you stay.


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